Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Product Review: Aftershokz Aeropex

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Aftershokz Aeropex to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!

Okay did you see the hype that Aftershokz did with the release of Aeropex?? They removed all their pictures from Instagram and teased about the launch of something new. Then they added the email campaign with a countdown for blast off. Finally Aeropex landed on earth in an online store near you.

How could you not get super crazy excited about this release? Well let me tell you, it was well worth the week of teasing.

Aeropex are like nothing that Aftershokz has released before. They are the lightest model ever made and pack a powerful punch. Their battery life is superior to all other models, lasting 8 hours on a full charge. That like four or five days worth of exercise!

They are also fully waterproof thanks to the new charging port, and can play a better quality sound with its enhanced hardware.

Now let's get to the good part, using the Aeropex on a run!

Think of the comfort that you have with all the other models and double or even triple that. The slimmer frame fits better on the ears and doesn't cause any discomfort with over 2 hours of use. You can quote me on that because I have worn them for over two hours getting ready for a run and actually running.

Like the other models they stay snug on your head even with the sweat and movement from running, with no bouncing.

Let's talk sound quality. The one thing that I have been bummed with in the past is when I listen to a song in my car, it never really sounds the same from headphones because they cannot provide the same base as my car's stereo. These have been the closest sounding headphones that I have used. You can really feel the base with each song. However, not to get you worried, we are talking about bone conducting headphones but they have found the perfect balance of sound without making it feel like the music is pounding throughout your head.

If I have to find a downside to them I would say that it is difficult to lay on a pillow with them because they way the back of the band sticks out. But that is true with ever model of Aftershokz, so not a big deal at all. But that means I cannot fall asleep with them, and that makes me sad haha.

So really, what are you waiting for, just go and get them because regret is not something that you will feel from buying them. You will feel it for missing out and so many pleasurable running experiences.

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