Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Product Review: Turtle Gloves

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This is a product that I have been so excited to try since 2018 when I was first introduced to Turtle Gloves! They made convertible gloves for runners that can open or close to either to lock in or expel heat.

The Product

The Mittens are made of a Polyester and Spandex blend which is perfect for running. It provides the moisture wick that we need and prevents hand hand chafing. The Winter Soft brand that we tested is good for temperatures as low as 20 degrees, and I can definitely attest to colder temperatures. There are no buttons, hooks, or loops which makes them very comfortable on the hands so nothing pokes you.

The Run Test

I used these gloves for about 75% of my runs this winter so far! They are incredibly soft on the hands and really insulate. I first want to talk about the orange color. While I'm very biased to the color orange I really think its the best color for gloves. They are so much easier to see and with it being hunting season in upstate New York, the orange really helps keep you safe.

I love the ability to slide the top of the glove off to open the gloves up! It makes a big difference when you're trying to regulate your hand temperature, and when you need to use your phone quickly. I have had many sets of gloves with the special fingers to use phones, that never seem to work. Then you need to take off the glove in order to use your phone. With turtle gloves it's so easy to just flip the mitten open then close them back after you're done on the phone.

I used my gloves on runs as warm as 40 degrees to as low at 15 degrees. The real feel low was about 1 degree what that time. My hands stayed warm the entire time. While the gloves are very breathable if the wind is strong enough, it doesn't let them get cold. It lets the appropriate amount of air through to keep your hands comfortable, and warm.

While the finger area is big enough to hold a hand warmer, I have never needed the extra heat. My body produces so much heat when I run, and the insulation on the gloves is so good that I have never needed them.


If you live anywhere that the temperature gets under 45 degrees then you need to get yourself a pair of Turtle Gloves. They are a winter running essential! Between the functionality of them and the insulation of them, it's one of the best gear items I've got this year!

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  1. I am loving mine! I used them when the temperature dropped to 6 degrees in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, and they worked just great!

  2. I think these are great ;-) Perfect for my Iowa weather!