Sunday, March 10, 2019

Product Review: Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner Leash

Disclaimer: I received a Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner Leash to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I have been eyeing up Stunt Puppy for over a year now since the initial campaign with Bibrave. When they did their first campaign I was still living in Hawaii and didn't have any pets. Now that I've moved back home and have three dogs and friends with dogs I was eager to try this product out!

The Product

The Stunt Runner is a hands-free leash that is made so you can conveniently that your dog with you on the go. The material is made from a durable webbing that is so smooth but strong enough for big dogs too. On the runner end there is an adjustable waist strap that buckles together, on the dog end is a strong clip, and in the middle is the stretchy leash.

The part of the leash that I appreciate the most is that on the dog end where the clip is, the material isn't stretchy so if you need to hold your dog for any reason you have something firm to hold on to.

The Run Test

I was a little disappointed in my dog Wickett when we first tried out the leash. Wickett isn't much of a runner dog since he is so small. However the leash was still a good fit for him. Since he is so small that makes him very fast. So when we go walking, if he sees another animal he usually likes to take off running for it. Knowing that he was securely attached to me was reassuring.

At the end of his walks we always race back to the door. So we did get in some run time with the leash. He is used to being let off his leash when we run back to the door but I liked using the Stunt Runner Leash because we could still run without letting him run wild.

I did have a fun opportunity to try out the Stunt Runner Leash with my best friend's dog Lily. She is a mid-sized pitbull mix. This girl has some power! Having the leash connected to my waist rather than my hand made a huge different when we took her for a hike. She definitely jerked me several times when running around but since the leash was buckled to me I was able to hold my own more than when using a hand leash.

During the hike we did a few short runs with the leash and one of the things that I noticed was that since my arms were free I kept a better pace than when I would hold a leash with her. I know she definitely enjoyed the runs just as much as I did.

The one thing I had to be careful with was at one point on the hike she found a smell that she had to get to which was down a bank. Since it was icy I didn't have a lot of traction and she started taking me down the bank too. Luckily Mike was there to hold me back so I didn't go down. It was something that we can laugh at that made the hike fun.


Regardless of the size of your dog the Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner Leash would change your life! Running with our pets is a lot of fun and when you can make it easier then why wouldn't you? Being able to use both of your hands at any point while walking, hiking, or running is better than only being able to use one. Your form will be better and you will have a stronger control since they would be attached to your whole body not just your hand.

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