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Product Review: Aerodaks Men's Sport Briefs

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Aerodaks Men's Sport Briefs to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

This was one of the most unique products that I've been given the opportunity to test and review. These are running briefs designed only for men from Australia. Perhaps a little TMI - but let's face it there will be a lot more of that than normal in this post - I wear a lot of Australian undies, so I was excited for ones that are made specifically for running.

Here's what makes these briefs different from other running undies out there:

  • The material: the material this babies are made of is a premium micro fiber mesh that makes the biggest difference
    • This mesh is moisture wicking so it pulls the moisture away to prevent chafing
    • The front of the mesh is a double layer so that it holds everything is place, no slip outs, no bouncing, no chafing. The same idea as a sports bra but for holding men's goodies instead of women's
  • The design: this design is made to have several benefits:
    • The design of the mesh is very breathable so this provides the least amount of resistance to airflow, allowing you to stay cooler
    • The shape of the brief is designed for superior comfort by not having any seams to cause irritation or any resistance
Initial Thoughts

When I first put them on I was really impressed with how comfortable they are! I would have enjoying wearing them for the entire day, and I actually might have once. I have to say that I was slightly concerned about mesh and exactly how breathable they were. When you look at them you can clearly see all the holes that provide for breathe-ability, my concern was that it would reveal too much of my butt. But once I put them on and had a look and my concerns were "wicked away" since they didn't reveal too much.

I also really like the drawstring in the front. Being able to tighten the waist made me feel like they were secure and wouldn't slip down. I also like the visual appeal of the drawstring, I think it's cute but it also adds the right amount of variety to the front of them so they don't look so plain.

Test Run

It was finally time to get out on a run with these. Due to my work and running schedules I have been running early in the morning before sunrise, so I can get my runs done before work. But that didn't seem like a fitting way to really test out these briefs for the first time. So I waited until I had a day off and went out for a run in the middle of the morning. 

Immediately I could already feel the difference in the temperature, being much hotter than running before sunrise which is exactly what I wanted. Taking my first strides I noticed that I had a lot of room for mobility. Meaning that the briefs hadn't restricted my range of motion at all. Sometimes the seam of undies runs along my hip flexors and adds a little resistance to each step, this was not that case for the Aerodaks. The seam was in the perfect spot for maximum range of motion. 

This next bit will be very TMI just to forewarn! I usually run in compression shorts like the ones to the right. The main difference that I felt in Aerodaks compared to the shorts was how comfortable my jewels were. If you look at the shorts there are three seams in the groin area, these all can be felt if there is too much friction. They can also cause the jewels to be suck in uncomfortable positions because the tightness of the seams. With Aerodaks they don't have any groin seams, so no uncomfortable pressure or positions, just bounce free support.

Another thing that I noticed is that how the breatheability of the briefs made such a difference. I think we have all been in a position where we don't realize how bad things really are until we experience something different. I had one of those moments in these briefs. I wore them on a hill run the other day and was blow away by how regulated my body temperature had felt. I had run that path dozens of times and was usually pretty toasty by the time I made it to the top, but not this time. 

So I was determined to try and feel if there was a difference, so I ran those hills again that week but wore my compression shorts. I could definitely feel the heat being locked in more than the Aerodaks, the difference was obvious!


The quality of these briefs far exceeds that of what I usually run in. If you take into account all the aspects that make them special and compare them to what you normally run in, you might just be surprised. In a place as warm as Maui I take certain steps to make sure that I don't overheat when running. Aerodaks Men's Sport Briefs are another great product that I have found to help this! If you take into account the no seams on the groin and extra support they offer then it's a no brainer!

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We have an Aerodak's sponsored Bibchat on Tuesday November 29th at 4pm HST. I wouldn't miss this one since there will be tons of underwear pics to enjoy! 

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