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Product Review: Weav Run App

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If you're looking for the biggest game changer for exercise music then you need to check out Weav Run. This is a running music app that has the ability to change the tempo of their songs to match your running pace. It is currently only supported on iPhone but will be released for Android in the future.

How it works

There are two options for running: Detect Tempo and Set Tempo.

In the Detect Tempo mode your phone will figure out how fast you are moving and match the tempo of the songs to your pace. Have you ever been in a race approaching the finish line and the crowd is going wild, giving you the biggest boost of endorphins to keep you going? This is exactly what this feature is all about. When you run faster the tempo picks up to match you and help push you. If you're getting tired and need to slow down then the tempo will drop with you too. This really comes in handy for recovery time and catching your breath.

Set Tempo is different where you choose what tempo to set it to and it won't change unless you tell it to. I really liked this feature when I was running hills this week. It kept a faster tempo to help me climb as I naturally was moving slower. For long runs where you want to maintain a certain pace and get lost in the run then this feature is amazing for that.

Beta Version

The Bibrave Pro Team was giving access to the Beta version to test which had a few more features that are to be released in the coming months. My favorite feature was the programmed workouts. During these runs the tempo automatically gets faster during your pick ups and then slows down for the recoveries. My mind was totally blown during this run. One of the things that my friends and I have always dreamed about was to have background music for our lives like in the movies. Weav Run made this dream of mine come true! When I hear the beat to pick up the pace the music got faster too, it's like the universe was encouraging me to run faster.

These runs have been some of my top runs to date. I know that I naturally want to run faster when a fast tempo song comes on so for the app to do all the time tracking for you, it leaves you to sink deep into the run and just run with the music and have a great time.

The Songs

On the version that's currently available there are only about 23 songs. I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed when I first saw this. I figured that this wouldn't possibly be enough music to keep me entertained. Then I tried out the app and realized how foolish that thought was. Depending on what type of run I was doing (sprints, hills, long run) I was never really running the same pace therefore I was never hearing that same song. There are so many layers to each song that come out at different tempos that kept the song exciting and new.

From what I learned after talking to Weav Run, there is a lot that goes into making songs have the ability to adjust this way. The songs aren't just sped up or slowed down they are adapted to each tempo so that it is still sounds awesome. With that in mind we can expect more songs to be released in the future.


I love this app, simple as that! It's the first of its kind and will change your running life when you use it. It's the only way to hear music while you run that is playing specifically for you and your running pace. Think of it as personalized music just for you.

Weav Run will be teaming up with the Bibrave Pro's on Tuesday December 26th at 9:00 pm est. We are giving away 2 unlimited subscriptions to the winners so don't miss out!

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What's your favorite song to run to? Do you know what tempo you like to run at? I bet your answer will change after you use this app!

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Product Review: Health Warrior Chia Bars

Disclaimer: I received Health Warrior Chia Bars to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

For those of you that know me, I am a health freak! Last year I tried something new and ate a plant-based diet for my marathon training and it was the strongest I had ever felt. Since then I have adopted a plant-based lifestyle. This does come with challenges especially when it comes to runner fuel. There are tons of different products out there for runners to eat but most of them are some form of sugar or corn that doesn't benefit you at all. Now I'm not a nutritionist by profession so take what I say as you will, Health Warrior has created a tasty and healthy bar that I swear by now.

Health Warrior is stealing the market lately for their different snack bars and I had the luxury of testing the chia bars. Chia has always been a part of my diet so when I saw that they have been added to a snack bar (my definition of a snack bar is a bar that is less than 40 grams in weight) I knew I needed to try them.

Nutrition Perspective

I call this section a perspective because this is how I feel about it which may differ from what you have heard from others.

Chia has always been an essential part of my plant-based diet for a multitude of reasons:

  • it is a good source of healthy fats (Omega -3)
  • low in calories
  • super absorbent, meaning that it can absorb lots of water
The reason why its absorbency is important for a runner is that when I ate a chia bar during a workout I felt better hydrated than if I didn't. This is because the chia seeds will absorb water and allow your body to process it slower and not pass it quickly through. It's similar to drinking alcohol on an empty stomach verses a full stomach. If your stomach is empty then the alcohol hits you faster than if your stomach is full. This makes it super beneficial when exercising so that your body is doing the most with the water that you consume.

Run Test

I was given the chocolate and apple cinnamon flavors to try and really enjoyed both of them. The chocolate chia bar has chocolate liquor it in which gives it a softer chocolate flavor not an overload. The apple cinnamon was perfect to be tested in the fall and tasted true not artificial.

Having tried both of them before actually running with them, so I could see if my belly would like them, I was anxious to see how they would work on my longer runs. With only 100 calories in each bar it was the perfect size snack to eat while running so that I could get additional energy without filling my belly. I liked how easy they were to chew and not tacky like some other products I have tried, but some of the seeds did get stuck in my teeth (which isn't uncommon for chia).

One run in particular really stood out to me. I was running in Orlando on a short vacation and decided to run 7 miles, which was the longest I had run in the past few months. I was equipped with a chia bar and some nuun to drink and finished with a great time while not feeling physically terrible. Especially when running in the heat I frequently can eat too much sugary snack where my belly hurts and I lose my appetite. I was thankful that these did not affect me like that at all.

Bonus Content

Something else that is pretty unique is that Health Warrior made a special running focused coloring book! Super exciting! They are giving the coloring books away for free when you use the link above to make a purchase on their website. The pages are super funny and jokes that all runner will understand. It's a great way to spend your recovery hours too!


Since I was enjoying the bars so much I purchased a few more flavors to keep myself stocked for the coming weeks. Each of these flavors I am enjoying as well, especially the coconut. So whether you are looking for a new fuel source for running or a healthier snack I think that Health Warrior chia bars should be your next go to snack. They are good for you and great tasting too!

Product Review: Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Duffle

Disclaimer: I received an Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Duffel to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

It has been almost a year since I have reviewed a product with so I'm really excited to tell you my thoughts about what I've tested recently. Something that I probably got from my mother, shamelessly, is that you can never have too many bags. So I jumped on the opportunity to test out the duffel from Eagle Creek.


There are many sizes that Eagle Creek offers. We had the pleasure of testing the 60L size, which its the perfect size in my opinion and for what I use it for. The bag is super lightweight, so it's not adding to more stress on your shoulders, weighing just under two pounds. The material is also made to protect your belongings inside. The center compartment is more water repellent than the two outer compartments. So anything that need more protection from the elements should be placed in the main compartment. There were two features that really made me love this bag:

  1. It has shoulder straps so you can wear it as a backpack. The straps are also removable it that is your preference. I always used the shoulder straps because that felt the most comfortable for me.
  2. The bag can fold into one of the outer compartments when you need to store it. It ends up being smaller than a pillow once it is all folded up which makes storing it much easier and take up less space (that means room for more bags right?! 😉).
Field Test

Besides trying to use this bag as much as possible for my review, I found myself always finding an excuse to use this bag. While testing this I went of three different road trips, one of them all the way down to Florida. I was able to pack so much into the bag for my 9 day trip. I had enough clothes for nine days, running clothes for four days, and two sets of shoes. I also still had room for things that I bought along the way too.

My most recent trip just this weekend was to Syracuse. Now that winter is upon us and there is snow again I knew that this bag would have yet another use. I knew that all my belonging would be safe from the rain and snow. I had a new confidence that I hadn't had before. I also wear several layers of clothing, since my body is not adjusted to the cold weather in any sense, and since the bag has the should straps it was always easy to get on even with my parka coat on.

Another instance that this bag proved to be essential was when I was on one of my trips and got my running shoes all muddy and wet. Since the bag has our compartments, it was a separate place to store my shoes without getting my clothes all muddy. Cleaning it up was also pretty easy and wiped up with ease.


I think that this bag was a blessing to have on my adventures because of the following reasons:
  • It was light and easy to carry
  • Has separate compartments for optimal storage
  • Can fold inside itself for easy storage
  • Lets face it, it's also a cute bag too

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Product Review: Nugo

Disclaimer: I received Nugo Nutrition Dark Chocolate Protein Bars to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Let's face it, life is about finding the right balance in all things right? The biggest struggle we have is when it comes to food, finding the right balance between flavor and nutrition. Nugo has solved that problem for us with their Dark Chocolate Protein Bars. They are the perfect balance between rich real chocolate flavor and protein.

Initial Thoughts

I was able to try four of their flavors: Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Coconut, Chocolate Salted Pretzel, and Mint Chocolate Chip. Every flavor was amazing to the point where I cannot choose which flavor I liked the most. 

  • The Chocolate Salted Pretzel was just the perfect blend of sweet and salty. Not to confuse you, there are no pretzels inside them. The pretzel flavor comes from the salt sprinkled on top of the bar so you get that saltiness in every bite.
  • The Chocolate Coconut was what Mounds bar should have done in the first place; true coconut flavor (and that's a lot coming from a Maui boy like me who eat coconut on a daily basis), I actually made an audible gasp when I took my first bite of this bar because of how great it tasted.
  • The Chocolate Chocolate Chip was rich, decadent, and rewarding; any chocolate lover's dream.
  • The Mint Chocolate Chip can only be described as a Girl Scout Thin Mint on steroids. This is one of my favorite flavor combinations in the world, so I was pretty impresses with this bar. The mint flavor was like chewing on a mint leaf fresh.
Run Test

I know this section isn't accurately named since this is not gear that I run in however I wanted to keep it consistent, and lets think about it as a metaphor. As most of you know, or if you don't you will soon find out, when it comes to fitness there is no constant when it comes to nutrition. Studies are always constantly changing proving and disproving past results. That can be so hard for us when we want what's best for our bodies. Where I'm getting at in reference to Nugo Bars is that there is not a correct time to eat them, so I tried them at all different times in my life to get as many different thoughts on the bars as I could. 

First and foremost I utilized the bar as a post workout recovery bar. Sometimes when you finish a really good workout you really don't want to have to get out your blender and whip up a protein smoothie. It leaves dishes, requires prep time, and clean up afterwards all which is tiresome after a 13 mile run or whatever. I found the Nugo Bars to be so convenient for after a workout. I have a busy life, as most of us do, so when I try to fit in a workout before work there isn't much extra time. Being able to pack a Nugo Bar in my bag on my way to the gym made it so much easier. After my workout I knew I had a good wholesome snack to help my body start recovering right away. The general rule, and again take this as you may, is that your body needs protein within 30 minutes of a workout to optimize recovery. After wrapping up a fitness class and then my 20 minute commute home, that doesn't leave much time at home to get the protein in. So eating a Nugo Bar right away my body was utilizing that 20 minute drive to already start recovering, and faster recovery means I can get back out of the pavement sooner without risking injury.

We have those days where you're at work, 3:00pm rolls around, and you're craving something sweet. What do you grab: a donut from the break room, an apple, handful of nuts, or a Nugo Bar? I hope you chose a Nugo Bar! It has protein and carbs as well as satisfying your sweet tooth. I brought in a Nugo Bar for my coworker and I one day. She was very excited as she has Celiac Disease and cannot eat gluten, which Nugo is gluten free. We both couldn't decide which bar we wanted so we split each in half so we wouldn't have to decide. Not only did it satisfy our craving, with beneficial ingredients, it kept us going for the rest of the day. 

The uses for Nugo Bars are immense. I've seen some people crumble the bar up and serve it on top of their cereal or beverage to add some extra vegan protein. I've even eaten a bar as a breakfast replacement before. I wake up super early, a curse in my opinion, and a habit that I cannot get out of. So when I have plans to meet up with friends for breakfast or brunch I have already been up for hours. I know, and my stomach reminds me, that I need to eat pretty close to when I wake up (thank you runner's metabolism). Therefore having a Nugo Bar is just the right amount of food to eat that will sustain me, get me some protein, and not ruin my appetite for breakfast or brunch. 


Nugo Bars are versatile, to say the least. You can utilize them in so many ways that they can most definitely be added to your lifestyle. The biggest part though is the flavor, they taste amazing! Most bars let your down when it some to flavor, but these bars really have the flavors that keep you coming back for bite after bite. They also have many more flavors than I tested, and many more styles of bars as well. So I'm sure there is a bar that is right for you!

Join the Bibrave Pros on Tuesday January 31st for a Nugo sponsored Bibchat at 4pm Hawaii time. 

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Don't forget to use code: "BIBRAVE1" to save 15% through February 8th. 

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Product Review: Earth's Care Pain Relieving Ointment

Disclaimer: I received Earth's Care Triple Action Pain Relieving Ointment to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Most of you don't know that living on Maui changes your outlook on a lot of things. The people around here are either super passionate about something, or they don't care about it. One of the things that Maui has always had the most passion about it what goes in their bodies. Maui is very supportive of local organic farms who pride themselves on growing clean produce. So get to my point, people tend to be a little more careful with what chemicals and/or ingredients go in their products too, since they are so passionate about what else they consume. 

How this relates to me and this product is that since moving here I have taken huge strides to reduce the amount of chemicals that go in and on my body. So when I was given the opportunity to test out Earth's Care's ointment, it really was a no brainer. 

About Earth's Care

One of the most important concepts to Earth's Care is only using ingredients in the most natural was as possible. They make sure that their products are clean and don't have any of the bad ingredients that we like to avoid these days. 

  • No Petrolatum
  • No Parabens
  • No Animal Testing
  • Allergy Tested
  • No artificial Colors or Fragrances
  • No Phthalates
Initial Thoughts

Opening up my tub of ointment I was immediately attracted to the scent of it. It smells like a cool scent of menthol and mint which to me smells really good! I do think I have associated that smell with healing and relief so I always love that smell. 

I've used many different types of creams on my legs but never an ointment, and ointment is definitely the word to describe it. It is a bit thicker than other creams I have used in the past however it did spread on very easily, it didn't leave a greasy feelings, and it works super quickly!

Run Test

I was very fortunate to have tested this product while I was running Honolulu Marathon. It was definitely one of the hard races on my legs. They were pretty sore by the time I finished and made it back to the hotel room. I even had to sit down in the shower afterwards because they were so sore. After I cleaned myself up and got settled on my bed, I rubbed some of the ointment on my knees since that's where most of the discomfort was. Within 3-5 minutes I could already feel the light tingle of the ointment working. 

Now this ointment isn't like an Icy Hot in the sense that it uses chemicals to apply temperature changes to relieve muscles. To be totally honest with you, I don't know how this ointment works or what ingredients help with the pain. What I do know is that after the light tingle on my knees that pain was starting to dissipate. It worked so well that I was able to walk to the restaurant for dinner as I normally would. There was absolutely no pain in my legs that caused me to alter my stride when walking. If I wasn't wearing my finisher shirt and medal you wouldn't be able to tell that I rant the race. Since most of us are familiar with the struggle of walking post marathon.


It's not just what a product does to your body that counts, it's also about what's in it. I can use this pain relieving ointment from Earth's Care in good conscious knowing that it's a clean product that won't do any harm to me in the long run. It's fast acting to take away muscle pain and stiffness, and it lasted about 30 minutes too. After running a marathon and walking around Waikiki, 30 minutes of pain free walking is a long time. I was really about to enjoy the surrounding without feeling discomfort every step.

Join the rest of the BibravePro Team for Bibchat this Tuesday, December 20th for an hour of fun sponsored by Earth's Care!

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Product Review: Merino Wool Buff®

Disclaimer: I received a Merino Wool Buff® as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I have to be totally honest with you, I was nervous about testing out this Buff® headwear. When you hear the word wool you think about either sheep or being super cold and layering up. So since neither of those two affected me, living on Maui of course, I wasn't too sure how this would go. Also to point out I couldn't tell you the difference between regular wool and merino wool last month either. But I decided to keep an open mind as I tested this out.

Initial Thoughts

When I first put it on my head I could tell right away that the texture was very different than the UV Buff® that I have; the Merino Wool was much softer and longer. I really had a hard time believing that it was wool to be honest! So it was at this point that I did a little more research into Merino Wool.

What makes this Buff® headwear so great is the unique properties of the Merino Wool. Merino Wool comes from Merino sheep native to New Zealand and Australia. This bread of sheep grows a wool that is much different than the normal wool we are used to. This wool is much softer since the fibers are much finer than normal wool. What this means for us athletes is that we are able to take advantage of the benefits of wool during activity.

Wool has the ability to wick up moisture from your skin. It can do this because it is water-resistance, so instead of absorbing water it pulls it off your skin and disburses it so it can be evaporated. So imagine wearing this during activity, it's a soft material that keeps you dry which also prevents chaffing.

One of the most important benefits of Merino Wool is its ability to manage temperature. I know that might seem silly to say since it's not alive and its not a device, but hear me out. If you are hot during activity while wearing a Merino Wool Buff® because you are in the sun. The Buff® headwear will help evaporate all your sweat to help regulate your temperature. Now on the flip side, imagine you are doing activity in the cold, the Merino Wool Buff® will help insulate and keep you warm by blocking the wind and adding another lightweight layer.

Run Test

I know that Buff® headwear has many other uses than just running, but let's be honest - running is what I like to do - so I tested this by running. However it can be used for an array of other sports as well.

My first run with the Merino Wool Buff® was after work one night during sunset. Now I consider myself to be well versed in the subtleties of time and temperature on Maui. Meaning that I know how hot or cold it will be at different points of the day. Sunset runs tend to be on the warmers side since you are running in direct sunlight. Granted the sunlight is a not as strong but it still affects me as a runner. I wore my Merino Wool Buff® as a full head cap this night. One of the things that I noticed was that I didn't have as much sweat dripping down my face as I usually do. I knew it should be there since I was sweating in other places. Then once I got out to the point by the ocean the wind picked up and the rest of my body cooled off quite a bit since it was damp, except my head which stayed nice and warm.

I remember gawking when I was first approached about testing this because I live in a tropical environment and couldn't possibly wear any type of wool. I would like to full rescind my feelings!! This past week we have had constant trade winds mixed with lots of rain. So it cooled off the temperature very drastically for us. The temperature is usually very consistent here, so when it differs we notice it. The days were in the mid 70's and night in the 60's, that is COLD for us. I have to say that I was very thankful to have my Buff® headwear to wear.

My final test was to see how the Merino Wool Buff® held up to even colder temperatures. On thanksgiving I ran a 16 mile Turkey Trot up in the town of Kula, which is above 3000 in elevation. The temperature was in the 50's during this race. Boy let me tell you it was so nice to have had my Buff® headwear on! What was the most interesting part was that during the end of the race the sun had finally come up and it was getting much warmer. The versatility of the Merino Wool was proved to me here. I went from being cold and having the Buff® headwear keeping me warm to being too warm and the Buff® headwear keeping me cool.


I was able to see just how this Buff® headwear can really impact my running experience whether is was in the cold or heat. I'm sure that for runners who have a more intense winter will find it more beneficial for sure. But for someone like me who runs in the heat a lot I found it invaluable to temperature regulation!

Join us on Tuesday December 6th for a Buff, Inc. sponsored bibchat at 4pm HST!

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Friday, November 25, 2016

Product Review: Aerodaks Men's Sport Briefs

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Aerodaks Men's Sport Briefs to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

This was one of the most unique products that I've been given the opportunity to test and review. These are running briefs designed only for men from Australia. Perhaps a little TMI - but let's face it there will be a lot more of that than normal in this post - I wear a lot of Australian undies, so I was excited for ones that are made specifically for running.

Here's what makes these briefs different from other running undies out there:

  • The material: the material this babies are made of is a premium micro fiber mesh that makes the biggest difference
    • This mesh is moisture wicking so it pulls the moisture away to prevent chafing
    • The front of the mesh is a double layer so that it holds everything is place, no slip outs, no bouncing, no chafing. The same idea as a sports bra but for holding men's goodies instead of women's
  • The design: this design is made to have several benefits:
    • The design of the mesh is very breathable so this provides the least amount of resistance to airflow, allowing you to stay cooler
    • The shape of the brief is designed for superior comfort by not having any seams to cause irritation or any resistance
Initial Thoughts

When I first put them on I was really impressed with how comfortable they are! I would have enjoying wearing them for the entire day, and I actually might have once. I have to say that I was slightly concerned about mesh and exactly how breathable they were. When you look at them you can clearly see all the holes that provide for breathe-ability, my concern was that it would reveal too much of my butt. But once I put them on and had a look and my concerns were "wicked away" since they didn't reveal too much.

I also really like the drawstring in the front. Being able to tighten the waist made me feel like they were secure and wouldn't slip down. I also like the visual appeal of the drawstring, I think it's cute but it also adds the right amount of variety to the front of them so they don't look so plain.

Test Run

It was finally time to get out on a run with these. Due to my work and running schedules I have been running early in the morning before sunrise, so I can get my runs done before work. But that didn't seem like a fitting way to really test out these briefs for the first time. So I waited until I had a day off and went out for a run in the middle of the morning. 

Immediately I could already feel the difference in the temperature, being much hotter than running before sunrise which is exactly what I wanted. Taking my first strides I noticed that I had a lot of room for mobility. Meaning that the briefs hadn't restricted my range of motion at all. Sometimes the seam of undies runs along my hip flexors and adds a little resistance to each step, this was not that case for the Aerodaks. The seam was in the perfect spot for maximum range of motion. 

This next bit will be very TMI just to forewarn! I usually run in compression shorts like the ones to the right. The main difference that I felt in Aerodaks compared to the shorts was how comfortable my jewels were. If you look at the shorts there are three seams in the groin area, these all can be felt if there is too much friction. They can also cause the jewels to be suck in uncomfortable positions because the tightness of the seams. With Aerodaks they don't have any groin seams, so no uncomfortable pressure or positions, just bounce free support.

Another thing that I noticed is that how the breatheability of the briefs made such a difference. I think we have all been in a position where we don't realize how bad things really are until we experience something different. I had one of those moments in these briefs. I wore them on a hill run the other day and was blow away by how regulated my body temperature had felt. I had run that path dozens of times and was usually pretty toasty by the time I made it to the top, but not this time. 

So I was determined to try and feel if there was a difference, so I ran those hills again that week but wore my compression shorts. I could definitely feel the heat being locked in more than the Aerodaks, the difference was obvious!


The quality of these briefs far exceeds that of what I usually run in. If you take into account all the aspects that make them special and compare them to what you normally run in, you might just be surprised. In a place as warm as Maui I take certain steps to make sure that I don't overheat when running. Aerodaks Men's Sport Briefs are another great product that I have found to help this! If you take into account the no seams on the groin and extra support they offer then it's a no brainer!

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